Karen Moyou translation


*taking deep breath*

Right. Karen Moyou is NOT read as Natsu Koi Moyou.

*sigh* it has such nice lyrics. Yay for Shoko again~ (in case you haven’t noticed, lots of the songs I translated were written by her… Or rather, the lyricist that appears the most number of times in the translations is her)

Song title: Karen Moyou (An impression of Summer Love)
Performed by: Mizuki Nana
Lyrics: Fujibayashi Shoko
Composition & Arrangement: Saitou Yuya
Album: Impact Exciter (2010)

Performed by: 水樹 奈々
作詞:藤林 聖子
作曲&編曲:斎藤 悠弥

An Impression of Summer Love (Translation)
Performed by: Mizuki Nana
Lyrics: Fujibayashi Shoko
Composition & Arrangement: Saitou Yuya

一瞬で こころ

なんとなく さみしく感じた

見つからない その方がいい
想い出の色は 変わらないで

白いスカートの裾 青空 夏雲
憶えてますか 君は
帰りたくないままに 歩いた
2人手をつないだ日 見ていた向日葵


変わらなくて 眩しすぎて
だから切なくて 目を閉じたよ

軒先の風鈴と 夕暮れ横顔
憶えてますか 君は
話すこと 尽きた後 それでも
たくさんした指切り 遠くには花火
そのままで 永遠に
そのままで 煌く夏恋模様

とつぜんの通り雨 幼い口づけ
憶えてますか 君は
屋根を打つ 雨音の間に
2人手をつないだ日 見ていた向日葵

After being touched by this wind
My heart unraveled
In a moment’s time
And I mutter to myself, “I’m back”

The bus-stop that
I pass by everyday
Seems prettier now
But, somehow, also feels lonely

In the midst of that nostalgic smile
I was searching for you
But I couldn’t find you; and that’s better
For the memory of you would not change

The hem of the white skirt; the blue skies; the summer clouds
Do you remember them?
The seashore we walked on
When we didn’t want to return home
The day 2 people joint hands; the sunflowers we saw
I recalled them all
Hey, the memories of just the two of us
Have become an impression of summer love beyond

Now, where and what type
Of love are you experiencing now?
You left the city,
My friends told me

I rode the bicycle that we once rode on
Down to that road
It was just as overly bright
And it got too painful I had to close my eyes

The wind bells on the eaves and the profile of dusk
Do you remember them?
Even after our conversations were gone
I remained beside you
The many promises; the fireworks far away
I recalled them all
Just like that, forever
The impression of summer love sparkles just like that

The sudden shower (rain); the young kiss
Do you remember them?
The sound of rain falling on the roof
The aroma of Jasmine flowers
The day 2 people joint hands; the sunflowers we saw
I recalled them all
Even if summer returns to this place again
Those two people are gone

Karen Moyou (Romanji lyrics)
Performed by: Mizuki Nana
Lyrics: Fujibayashi Shoko
Composition & Arrangement: Saitou Yuya

Kono kaze ni fureru to
Isshun de kokoro
Hodokete shimau
tadaima to jibun ni tsubuyaku

Mainichi kayotteta
Basutei mo ima wa
Kirei ni natte
Nan to naku samishiku kanjita

Natsukashii egao no naka ni
Kimi no koto wo sagashita kedo
Mitsukara nai sono hou ga ii
Omoi de no iro wa kawaranai de

Shiroi sukaato no suso aozora natsugumo
Oboete masuka kimi wa
Kaeritakunai mama ni aruita
Umizoi no michi wo
Futari te wo tsunaida hi mite ita himawari
Omoi dashite imashita
Nee kimi to watashi dake no kioku wa
Kanata no karen moyou

Ima wa doko de donna
Koi wo shite masuka ?
Machi wo deta koto
Tomodachi ga oshiete kureta yo

Mukashi notteta jitensha de
Ano michi made kake oritara
Kawara nakute mabushi sugite
Dakara setsunakute me wo tojita yo

Nokisaki no fuurin to yuugure yokogao
Oboete masuka kimi wa
Hanasu koto tsukita ato sore demo
Soba ni itakatta
Takusan shita yubi kiri tooku ni wa hanabi
Omoi dashite imashita
Sono mama de eien ni sono mama de kirameku karen moyou

Totsuzen no toori ame osanai kuchidzuke
Oboete masuka kimi wa
Yane wo utsu amaoto no aida ni
Kuchinashi no kaori
Futari te wo tsunai da hi mite ita himawari
Omoi dashite imashita
Mata koko ni natsu ga megutte kite mo ano futari wa inai


Kanji lyrics: http://www.kasi-time.com/item-48699.html

Romanji lyrics: http://www.nautiljon.com/paroles/nana+mizuki/natsu+koi+mo+you.html

I love the last line~~

Sateto, this should have been my favorite song, considering it’s the work of (finally!) three people I know– Mizuki Nana, Shoko and Saito Yuya (who composed the KR Kiva OSTs, like, both of them…) BUT, while I wouldn’t say the composition is terrible, it’s a ballad-style after all… And come on, you don’t cut up a phrase of "Obotete… <INSERT GIANT MUSIC PHRASE END HERE>masuka" with the music… And you certainly don’t breathe into a word!!! Yeah, that’s coming from me… Other than that, the piano part is nice~ and the lyrics are simply heartbreaking (because the last line is awesome~~)

OK I’m only left with Dragonia and Scoop Scope (which, I’m sorry to say, I HATE. I can’t stand that song.)

But first, I gotta do my lit OP draft and ARC essay.


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  1. Just curious (sorry for any bad english here) . Aren’t you going to translate NEXT ARCADIA, Myusterion(?) or Strobe Cinema?
    Anyways, BEAUTIFUL song. This one is my favorite out of the new songs from IE, and the lyrics are as beautiful~
    Keep the good work! I love your translations ^^

    1. haha, i might translate them if someone requests… i was only tranlsating shichigatsu, karen and toraware at a request (that you can’t see coz it’s on a personal level)
      haha thanks~

  2. This feels like a song, Fate would sing to Nanoha. xD!
    And I was just starting to like this song, and now I found the translation, I definitely like it now. =3
    Thank you for the translation~ Icepath-san~ I don’t know what to call you. I’ve been a lurker though, =3 I decided to show myself *hides behind a table
    Please translate Strobe Cinema too? =3 Even if… the Engrish will hurt your ears. xD!

    1. haha actually i just joined LJ myself, so I lurk around a lot too– there are people whom I don’t dare say anything to… in case they go, “who are you? why are you reading my lj?!” and i’ll be depressed…
      ok for strobe cinema (engrish hurts my ears really) but I will translate it. Hey! if there’s a lot of engrish, that means less japanese words to translate!
      really? fate would sing such a thing to nanoha? hmm…

      1. Really? I haven’t encountered any who asks those, well yes, that would certainly be depressing.. =/ Well I rarely comment too… so… I only comment if the person seems kind or something. xD!
        Yay~ Thank you~~ I’ve always been curious to the meaning of that song… xD! And you are right, less Japanese words to translate, it will filled with nosebleeds though. xD!
        Yup, I do think so, with all the summer references and the romance. xD! Or maybe I just read too much bittersweet fanfics. xD!

      2. haha yeah, probably. you’d have to wait till quite long though… i have quite a few translations to get through- mysterion is proving to be a very very hard one…
        well, people like me tend to be oversensitive… and it seems natural for someone to say that to some stranger to randomly start commenting. i vow not to do that myself, coz at least i myself don’t want to be like that.

      3. Oh, Yes I do think that Mysterion is a bit hard and complicated to translate. (I can understand a bit… just a bit~~ XD)
        Oh~ I see now. XD! Now I’m starting to wonder you found my comments strange, or something. xD! Hmm, well if it was me… I’ll ask the person what I can call them, so we can talk. =3 xD!
        *hides behind a cabinet
        why do you seem to be a shy person icepath-san? xD

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