Next Arcadia translation

I’m back with another Impact Exciter translation!!! This one is damn damn damn damn damn awesome ok,even if you don’t listen to Mizuki Nana you have to go listen to this one, coz the lyrics are SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!

Ok, I shall not prolong the pain any longer– it’s been really hard trying to preserve the power in the words in English as well.

Song title: Next Arcadia
Performed by: Mizuki Nana
Lyrics: HIBIKI
Composition & Arrangement: Agematsu Noriyasu
Album: Impact Exciter (2010)

Next Arcadia
Performed by: 水樹 奈々
作曲&編曲:上松 範康

Next Arcadia (Translation)
Performed by: Mizuki Nana
Lyrics: HIBIKI
Composition & Arrangement: Agematsu Noriyasu

創世からのプロミス 覚えてますか?


絶対のDESTINY ようこそ楽園に
言葉なんていらない 衝撃を感じなさい
心はMelty 最高をアゲル
上昇Dream バラ蒔いて
Meltdown… LaLaLa…

If… カタストロフィー…
Love… 真紅を帯びて
未来の花を植えよう 君と共に…

君は解るはずさ 今日の出会いが

万象のHARMONY 魂叫びましょう
全霊で信じてる 君だけを感じたいよ
ねぇ燃えてRising 森羅を駆け抜けろ
もう少し このままでいようよ?
LaLaLa…We should fly…

そして見上げてご覧Milky Way
二人はまた彼の日聴いた イルカのBlues

絶対のDESTINY ようこそ楽園に
この願い この想い 天に解放せよ
二度と無いさ 熱戦のイグニッション
まさに今 始まるストーム
Let’s try next… 君と…
We can fly…

Rays… that warmth
The photon that erases everything
Think… Voices of Gods
That promise from time of creation- do you remember?

Probably, a long time ago, far far away,
We had sworn in the depths of the soup that is the sea
And I was probably born
To meet the one you out of the 700 000

An absolute destiny, welcome to the playground
Where words are not needed, just feel the impulse
Where the heart is melty; and the best is given
The uprising dream; plant the rose
Can you see it? The sky! Rainbow! Dream! Love!
Meltdown… Lalala…

If… Catastrophe
Even when the end of the world comes
Love… in its scarlet red
Will plant the flowers of the future- with you…

It’s like Sagittarius shooting stars
Love only penetrates the core of the genes
And finally at the moment when hands are joint
Today’s encounter will free you

The souls will cry out the universe’s harmony
I believe with my whole; I only want to feel you
Come one, burn, rising; dash through the universe
Let’s stay like this for a while longer
Lalala… We should fly…

And look up and the Milky Way
The dolphin’s blues that we heard the other day
Turn it into a melody and sing it here…

An absolute destiny, welcome to the playground
This wish, this feeling, release it to the sky
It’ll never exist again, this ignition of the final round
It’s like now, the start of the storm
Can you see it? The sky! Rainbow! Dream! Love!
Let’s try next… With you…
We can fly…

Next Arcadia (Romanji lyrics)
Performed by: Mizuki Nana
Lyrics: HIBIKI
Composition & Arrangement: Agematsu Noriyasu

Rays… Sou atatakaku
Subete wo keshita foton
Think… Kami-sama no voices
Sousei kara no puromisu oboete masuka ?

Tabun bokura wa haruka mukashi ni
Umi no suupu no mannaka de chikatta
Soshite nanajuu oku bun no ichi no naka
Kimi ni fureru tame ni umareta

Zettai no destiny youkoso rakuen ni
Kotoba nante iranai shougeki wo kanji nasai
Kokoro wa melty saikou wo ageru
Joushou Dream bara maite
Mieru? Sora! Niji! Yume! A!
Meltdown LaLaLa…

If… Katasutorofii…
Shuuen no hi ga kite mo
Love… Shinku wo obite
Mirai no hana wo ue you kimi to tomo ni…

Marude hoshi wo inuku sajitariusu
Koi ga idenshi no koa dake tsuranuku
Yagate te wo tsunai da shunkan ni
Kimi wa wakaru hazu sa kyou no deai ga

Banshou no harmony tamashii sakebi mashou
Zenrei de shinjiteru kimi dake wo kanjitai yo
Nee moete Rising shinra wo kake nukero
Mou sukoshi kono mama de iyou yo ? LaLaLa… We should fly…

Soshite miagete goran milky way
Futari wa mata kano hi kiita iruka no Blues
Merodi ni shite koko ni utau…

Zettai no destiny youkoso rakuen ni
Kono negai kono omoi ten ni kaihouse yo
Nido to nai sa nessen no igunisshon
Masa ni ima hajimaru sutoomu
Mieru? Sora! Niji! Yume! Ai!
Let’s try next… kimi to… We can fly… Hu… Uh…


Kanji lyrics:

Romanji lyrics: 



This is an awesome song. Combined with the Time to Impact Exciter, it makes it even more awesome. STARS!!!!!

In case anyone’s wondering, I combined “Time to Impact Exciter” and “Next Arcadia” to form Time to Next Arcadia. What -.- ? They follow.

Dewa, next up: Musterion…


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      1. Re: er…
        owww… “Agematsu Noriyasu” is Agematsu mika’s brother..? i see.. i thought it just coincidence new knowledge about the composers of the song for NANA-chan 😛 hey! great TRANSLATION again!!! thanks for the translation! ! ! !

      2. Re: er…
        wah lao i got good sources dunn nid wiki one can? btw
        DO LAST SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Re: er…
        oh sure (again, be prepared to wait an agonizingly long time- I’m so sorry, but I really have a crappy life out of this; i wouldn’t mind doing this all day, but truth is i can’t >< sorry!)

      4. Re: er…
        Oh don’t worry it’s okay. =D Not much people translates Nana-san’s songs, so just the very thought that you would do it, no matter how long it would take, is alright. =D Do your best in what it is that’s keeping your hands full! Ganbatte! =D

      5. Re: er…
        O.o interesting question… nah, i studied it. I’m just translating for fun (of course I try to ensure quality to the best of my abilities) and it’ll help me be exposed to more vocab.

      6. Re: er…
        Ooh~ I envy you, I wanna study too~ I know a tad bit though. xD! It’s like two birds with one stone ne? You help other people who can’t understand Japanese, understand the songs even more, and improve at the same time. xD!

      7. Re: er…
        haha that’s right! 一石二鳥 issekinichou (haha, they exist in Japanese too~ apart from in Chinese… which makes it a pain to study as well… ><)
        dramas help a lot with learning vocab XD thanks to the subbers who put in so much time to code and encode and god knows do what to deliver it nicely!

      8. Re: er…
        Ooh~ Is your first language Chinese then? Or did you study Chinese too? xD!
        and yes, I agree, I’ve been watching a lot of jdramas too recently. xD! It must’ve been hard to translate this and no wonder, they don’t release as fast as anime do. xD!

      9. Re: er…
        Oh, I see~ (Hmm? Nope, Your English is actually good. But I thought ‘Chinese is hard to study… maybe it’s the first language?) Kind of thing. XD!

  1. Thank you very much~ I already expected the lyrics to be amazing for being a Hibiki song, but this is just really awesome. I can’t thank you enough XD

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