Drop translation

Yes, it’s called "Drop". This one is interesting coz everything is like a one-man show– artiste, lyricist, composer and arranger all the same person O_O kinda makes me jealous, but here it is:

Song title: Drop
Album: Koi Tegami
Artiste: Oku Hanako

奥 華子
Drop (translation)
Oku Hanako


誰よりも君の事 知ってたはずなのに
格好悪いくらいに 君を探してた
テーブルの向こう側に いつもいたのに


冷蔵庫に残された 手作りドレンシング
それを手にした僕は 動けなくなる

憂鬱な雨の日も 寒い朝でも
君といればどんな事も どんな時だって

引き出しを開けるたび コップを洗うたび

傷つけて 涙して 抱き合った日も
格好悪いくらいに 僕は探してた
テーブルの向こう側に 君はもういない


Since when did we pass each other?
Even though we once forgave each other
You are no longer inside
That small yet dear room

There were no curtains nor cupboards that were too cheerful
I’ve just returned to the me before meeting you
Even so, I couldn’t retrieve my heart
Where could I have dropped it?

Searching the room that you were no longer in
Though I should know you better than anyone
I was searching for you uncooly
You were always on the other side of the table

That day that I’ve repeated many times
Tempted by the clouds of sunset
From the small veranda I can see
Even the city is darkening

The handmade dressing that’s left in the fridge
Your words that write out “Mix it well”
Holding that in my hand, I couldn’t move
That day will never return again

Searching the room that you were no longer in
Even on a rainy day, or a cold morning
I thought that if you were there,
Anything can be overcome at any time

As I opened the drawer, as I wash the cup
I think of you one by one
Are you’re thinking of me somewhere out there?
Or have you forgotten everything?

Searching the room that you were no longer in
Days when we got hurt, cried, hugged
I was searching for those uncooly
You’re no longer on the other side of the table

Though you’ve always been there


Drop (romanji lyrics)
Oku Hanako

itsukara surechigatte tandarou
ichido ha yurushi aeta noni
itoshi kute kyuukutsu datta heya ni
kimi ha mouinai

hade sugiru kaaten mo shokkidana mo nakatta
kimi to deau mae no boku ni modotta dake
sorenanoni kokoro dake tori modose nai
dokoni otoshitekita no darou

kimi ga inakunatta heya wo sagashi teita
dare yorimo kun nokoto shitteta hazu nanoni
kakkou warui kuraini kimi wo sagashi teta
teeburu no mukou gawa ni itsumo ita noni

nandomo kurikaeshita hibi ha
yuuyake kumo ni sasowarete
chiisa na beranda kara mieru
machi sae mo kageru

reizouko ni nokosareta tezukuri doresshingu
“yoku futte ne” to kaitearu kimi no moji
sorewo te ni shita boku ha ugoknakunaru
ano hibi ha nidoto kaeranai

kimi ga inakunatta heya wo sagashiteita
yuuutsuna ame no hi mo samui asa demo
kimi to ireba donna koto mo donna toki datte
norikoe te ike rundato omotteta noni

hikidashi wo akeru tabi koppu wo arau tabi
ichi ichi kun wo omoidashi teru
konna boku wo dokokade kimi ha souzou shiteru kana
soretomo subete wo wasureru no kana

kimi ga inakunatta heya wo sagashi teita
kizutsukete namidashite dakiatta hi mo
kakkou warui kurai ni boku ha sagashiteta
teeburu no mukou gawa ni kimi ha mou inai

itsumo ita noni

Kanji lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp5fxHUterg&feature=related
Romanji lyrics:

The song is deceptive, I swear. It’s so freaking light, and almost cheerful, and when you really look at the lyrics, it’s about a lovesick guy. Or girl. I have no idea–it’s sung by a woman but it uses "boku" instead. Maybe it’s to fit it into the melody, but…

Now to get this to my friend…

Now, I have Pride of Glory and Innocent Starter. Ja ne~



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  1. You might want to rephrase your last words… ‘Innocent (no starter)’ seems like Innocent no starter… -.-
    Just say sth like ‘Innocent (nope, no starter)’ XD

    1. lol i’m sorry i didn’t grow up with perfect English training *rolls eyes* it’s one of my worst subjects! man why can’t we talk in like, math or sth… -.- or chinese. I don’t mind chinese (yes, this was written to spite you XD)

  2. Translation u u
    Well Hi there~ i have been reading your fics and translations. You´re good in this stuff nOn~
    To the point, i would like to request two translations of my two favorite KR Songs~
    KR 555:Yume no Kakera-Naoya Kaidou (Karahashi Mitsuru)

    Only Romaji for this one ._. sry ;—;
    KR Blade: Elements- Rider Chips Ft Ricky

    Kanji in the video n n yay!(?)
    If you can`t or don`t want to do it. it`s ok n n~
    Thanks in advance~

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