Chercher ~Chercher~ translation

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Song title: Chercher ~Chercher~ (To Find ~Chercher~)
Performed by: KOTOKO
Lyrics: Konno Oyuki
Composition & Arrangement: C.G MIX
Single: Chercher ~Chercher~ (2006)

Performed by: KOTOKO
作詞:今野 緒雪
作曲&編曲:C.G MIX
To Find ~Chercher~ (translation)
Performed by: KOTOKO
Lyrics: Konno Oyuki
Composition & Arrangement: C.G MIX
たとえ深い闇に はぐれて迷い込んでも
私ならば 間違わずにあなたのこと見つけられる

気がつくとつないだ手 すり抜けて駆けてく
振り返ることなく まっすぐに
いいわ置いてきぼりだって すぐに追いつくから

私を呼んで 私を聴いて
それだけで輝く あなたの足あと

そうね今あなたが 二枚貝の吐きだした
夢の中に取り込まれて 帰れなくなってたら
空を切りひらいて 逆巻く波折りたたみ
約束する 私だけはあなたのこと救いだすと

転んだりしてないか 泣きじゃくってないか

私を呼んで 「もういいよ」と言って
そうすれば導く きらめく縒り糸

たとえこの世の果て 身体さえ失っても
顔も髪も声も すべて消える日が来ようとも
それを動かしてた あなたの心がそこに
残ってたら 小石ほどの欠片だって見落とさない

私を呼んで 私を聴いて
それくらい あなたを好きだってことよ

いつもつないだ手を すり抜けて駆けだすから
心配性と言われても ハラハラのしどおしよ
でもね深い闇に あなたが迷い込んだら
約束する 私がすぐあなたのこと探し出すと

Even if you stray and get lost in a deep darkness
If it’s me I’d find you without fail

Once you realize, our joined hands slip apart and you run
Straight ahead, without turning back
It’s fine, even if you leave me behind, because I’ll catch up
As soon as you think of me

Call for me, listen to me
Just by that, your footsteps glow

That’s right, you’ve now been drawn into the dream
That the clam spewed out, and once you can’t go back
Split open the sky, fold up the turbulent waves
I promise that I’m the only one to save you

Have you fallen, have you sobbed
Because my heart feels like it’s going to break

Call for me, say “it’s alright now”
If you do that the glimmering thread will guide you

Even if you lose your body at the end of this world
Even if the day when your face, hair, voice, everything disappeared were to come
As long as your heart, which moved it
Were left there, I won’t miss even the fragment small as a stone

Call for me, listen to me
It shows that I like you to that extend

Because our hands that are always joined will slip apart
Even if you say I’m a worrier, you’re anxious with me
But you know, if you get lost in the deep darkness
I promise you, I’ll find you immediately

Chercher ~Chercher~ (romanji lyrics)
Performed by: KOTOKO
Lyrics: Konno Oyuki
Composition & Arrangement: C.G MIX

Tatoe fukai yami ni hagurete mayoikondemo
Watashi naraba machigawazuni anata no koto mitsukerareru

Ki ga tsuku to tsunaida te surinukete kaketeku
Furikaeru koto naku massugu ni
Ii wa oite kibori datte sugu ni oitsuku kara
Watashi no koto omoidasu koro ni

Watashi wo yonde watashi wo kiite
Sore dake de kagayaku anata no ashiato

Sou ne ima anata ga nimaigai no hakidashita
Yume no naka ni torikomarete kaerenaku nattetara
Sora wo kiri hiraite sakamaku nami oritatami
Yakusoku suru watashi dake wa anata no koto sukuidasu to

Korondarishitenai ka nakijakuttenai ka
Watashi no mune harisakesou dakara

Watashi wo yonde “mou ii yo” to itte
Sou sureba michibiku kirameku yoriito

Tatoe kono yo no hate karada sae ushinatte mo
Kao mo kami mo koe mo subete kieru hi ga koyou to mo
Sore wo ugokashiteta anata no kokoro ga soko ni
Nokottetara koishi hodo no kakera datte miotosanai

Watashi wo yonde watashi wo kiite
Sore kurai anata wo suki datte koto yo

Itsumo tsunaida te wo surinuketa kakedasu kara
Shinpaishou to iwaretemo hara hara no shi dooshi yo
Demo ne fukai yami ni anata ga mayoikondara
Yakusoku suru watashi ga sugu anata no koto sagashidasu to

Kanji lyrics:
Romanji lyrics:

Cute. And I haven’t embedded something in a long while haha… Technically, this is French and since I’m not French, I don’t know what the implications of Chercher really are, so I can’t say for sure whether it’s “to find” or “to seek” or “to look for”. I would appreciate if someone French or who knows French to a certain level could enlighten me on this! Thank you!

One down, 3 to go. And WP too…. *sigh*

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