Yume Sketch translation

I’m here again!

Song title: Yume Sketch (Dream Sketch)
Performed by: JAM Project
Lyrics & Composition: Kageyama Hironobu
Arrangement: Sudou Kenichi
Single: Yume Sketch (2013)

Performed by: JAM Project
作詞&作曲:影山 ヒロノブ
編曲:須藤 賢一
Dream Sketch (translation)
Performed by: JAM Project
Lyrics & Composition: Kageyama Hironobu
Arrangement: Sudou Kenichi
どうしてだろ…いつもそうさ 近づくたび 空回りの夢…
前を向いて しがみついて そう少しずつ
約束のあの場所へと 支え合いながら

自信が足りない時は 胸に手をあてて
今日までそして明日へと 続いてゆくのさ
大切な夢が叶う その日まで ありのままの僕らで ずっと…

本当はね…心配だよ 逢えないこと 時が過ぎてくこと
焦ってたり 怖かったり でも信じてる
譲れない何があっても キミをそして夢を

出口が見えない現実 不安な毎日
未熟なボクの弱さも 負けない気持ちも
すべて抱きしめて 今を生きている キミだけをまっすぐに見つめ


ボクらの夢スケッチの ゴールはどこだろう…
どんなに遠い夢でも あきらめないから
ただ前を向いて キミと駆けて行く 独りじゃ辿り着けない場所へ

Why… it’s always like that: it turns out fruitless whenever I get closer to my dream…
Facing forward, clinging on, yes little by little
To that promised place, while we support each other

When you lack confidence, put your hand over your heart
Rereading those pages we wrote
It will continue from before today and to tomorrow
Until the day our precious dream comes true; let’s be ourselves, always…

In truth… I’m worried, about not meeting, about time passing
Panicking, being scared, but I believe
Whatever the case, I will not give up you or the dream

Uneasy days when there is no visible exit in reality
Searching for light on the other side of a maze
My immature self’s weakness, and my unyielding feelings
Embracing all, I live today; I gaze straight only at you

It’s painful (on nights I want to see you)
I open the windows and yell (with all my might) to the skies (your name)

Where is the goal of our dream sketch…
Let’s bury all our wishes into it
Because I won’t give up however far this dream is
I will only face forward and cross with you, to a place I can’t reach alone

Yume Sketch (romanji lyrics)
Performed by: JAM Project
Lyrics & Composition: Kageyama Hironobu
Arrangement: Sudou Kenichi

Doushite darou… itsumo sousa chikazuku tabi kara mawari no yume…
Mae wo muite shigamitsuite sou sukoshizutsu
Yakusoku no ano basho heto sasaeai nagara

Jishin ga tarinai toki wa mune ni te wo atete
Bokura ga tsuzuetta page yomikaesou
Kyou made soshite asu heto tsuzuiteyuku no sa
Taisetsu na yume ga kanau sono hi made ari no mama no bokura de zutto…

Hontou wa ne… shinpai da yo aenai koto toki ga sugiteku koto
Asettetari kowakattari demo shinjiteru
Yuzurenai nani ga atte mo kimi wo soshite yume wo

Deguchi ga mienai genjitsu fuan na mainichi
Meiro no kanata ni hikari sagashiteiru
Mijuku na boku no yowasa mo makenai kimochi mo
Subete dakishimete ima wo ikiteiru kimi dake wo massugu ni mitsume

Setsunakute (aitai yoru niwa)
Mado wo hirake sora no kanata heto (chikara no kagiri) sakebu kimi no mei wo

Bokura no yume sketch no goal wa doko darou…
Subete no negai wo komete umetsukusou
Donna ni tooi yume demo akiramenai kara
Tada mae wo muite kimi to kaketeiku hitori ja tadoritsuke nai basho he

Kanji lyrics: http://www.kasi-time.com/item-65247.html
Romanji lyrics: http://www.nautiljon.com/paroles/jam+project/yume+sketch.html

Fair enough, not really JAM’s style either, but it’s nice anyway =P The B-side is nicer, in my opinion, but this is fantastic as well. If you’re new to JAM (i.e. this is the first song by JAM you’re hearing, and you’re probably here only because of Bakuman), don’t expect this from all their other songs, but DO CHECK THEM OUT because they’re awesome in their own way too! (yes I’m doing promotion here.)

It’s really Bakuman spam this morning, and if you’re reading this on LJ, next up is the (very much more lovely) B-side!


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