GLORIA translation

Happy Christmas (to those who celebrate it) and Happy Holidays (to those who don't)! Ok it's a bit late for that where I am, but there are parts of the world still on 25 December now so it counts! I thought I would go with another one of Nana's new songs, this time somewhat related... Continue Reading →


Hatsukoi translation

As always, when Nana releases something I pick my favorite song and translate it haha! Enjoy~ Song title: Hatsukoi (First Love) Performed by: Mizuki Nana Lyrics: Iwasato Yuuho Composition & Arrangement: Yoshiki Eriko, Kahara Daisuke Album: NEOGENE CREATION (2016) はつ恋 歌手:水樹 奈々 作詞:岩里 祐穂 作曲&編曲:吉木 絵里子、華原 大輔 First Love (translation) Performed by: Mizuki Nana Lyrics: Iwasato Yuuho Composition & Arrangement:... Continue Reading →

Ashita Graffiti translation

Finally free enough to do this again~ And in anticipation of NANA'S NEW ALBUM, here's a translation of something that probably many people have been waiting for (too long). Song title: Ashita Graffiti (Tomorrow's Graffiti) Performed by: Mizuki Nana Lyrics: Fujibayashi Shouko Composition & Arrangement: Katou Yuusuke Single: Angel Blossom (2015) あしたgraffiti 歌手:水樹 奈々 作詞:藤林 聖子 作曲&... Continue Reading →

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