Current Request List

Check this list OFTEN for reference to what’s been translated and what’s up next ^^ but this is not in any order of anything and certainly not the order i’ll do translations in.

Normal requests:

  1. KidsAlive- Munashi na Sekai

Future requests (basically, yet unreleased songs):




12 thoughts on “Current Request List

Add yours

    1. technically i’m on an unofficial hiatus dealing with life, and staring at my request list right now so if you want i can put it on as well but I won’t be getting around to it anytime soon because life. gomennasai >< of course, I do hope to do missing piece eventually coz it's awesome and i like it.

      1. Geeeez, good luck with your life matters icepath, it’s always worth it to wait for your translations : 3
        And damn right, Missing Piece is awesome…

      1. Also, is there a change you do “Go! Go! ToQGers” and full “Saa Ike Ninninger” and “Doubusu Sentai Zyuohger” too. please?

      2. Sure I’ll take on the request, but I actually feel like there’s a higher chance someone would get to it before I do (I actually foresee myself only having the time to clear my backlog of translations from mid-June onwards)

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