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To request, comment on THIS POST with this form:
Song request: <name of song>
Artiste: <name of artiste>
Album/single: <name of ALL the albums and singles the song has appeared in, and the year of release)
Name (for anonymous posters): <insert your name, real or fake, just so that I can identify you>
Link to kanji lyrics (the chinese-looking words): <link address> (if you can’t find kanji, romanji will do fine ^^)


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  1. Song Request: OOO Combo Change Medley
    Artist: 渡部秀・三浦涼介; 串田アキラ;渡部秀・三浦涼介. 串田アキラ.ゆかな
    Album: Kamen Rider OOO Full Combo Collection
    Kanji Link: can I paste here?


    タ・ト・バ・! タトバ!
    タ・ト・バ・! タトバ!
    あの時ああ してなければ
    本物の強さとは 自分のためにだけじゃなく
    誰にでも差し出せる その手 (Don’t stop, You don’t stop…)
    呼び覚ませ Yeah!(Always to be brave, brave 見せてみな The power you have Just fight…Fight it out)
    目の前で 消し去られそうな 光が
    あるのなら 戦うべき Regret nothing!

    ガタ・ガタキリバ! ガタ・ガタキリバ!
    ガタ・ガタキリバ! ガタ・ガタ・ガタキリバ!
    ガタ・ガタキリバ! ガタ・ガタキリバ!
    ガタ・ガタキリバ! ガタ・ガタ・ガタキリバ!
    情報キリがなく Update 映し出す Display
    考えること忘れ Never ends Game that never ends
    もう止めに出来るなら… Back in your life
    Hear my voice 聞えるなら Right now
    見ないフリ 後ずさり 通り過ぎ That’s too bad
    人として? 俺として それはしたくない
    ひとつだけ 破れない 約束
    信じ続ければ Got to keep…Got to keep it real
    自分であることに 誇りを持って Go ahead
    Got to keep it real

    ラ・トラー・ター・! ラー・トラー・ター!
    その力は 今は小さくたって
    重なれば 止められないくらい・・・起こせExplosion
    Ride on!Right time Ride on!Right time (走りまくれ Like a Cheetah)
    光放ちながら (運命乗って Acting tough Ooh-huh…)
    夢はほら ブレた途端 欲望になる(You watch out!)

    イチカバチか 最後の手段 試す時だろう 危険を冒し
    Rise up 高まりを
    Don’t Don’t 抑えるな
    不安な夜から 朝日救い出す まで

    Time judged all
    (Der Schnittpunkt von zwei Wünsche)
    タ・ジャ・ドル タ・ジャ・ドル(Eine Leistung von zwei Wünsche)
    その心 わき上がるWaveに
    乗っかって 流れを止めずに 進もう Easy and Free
    Time judged all 運命 クロスする「今」
    Time judged all 空へ 高く舞い上がる
    胸の炎が 闇を焼き尽くす
    奇跡の力 ここに降臨

    シャ・シャ・シャウタ シャ・シャ・シャウタ
    シャ・シャ・シャウタ シャ・シャ・シャウタ
    Shout Out 型に はまらない
    でっかく構え Wake up そのポテンシャル!

    POWER to TEARER 心の強さ
    暴れ出す 未知の力を
    自分のものに出来たとき 次のステージに行ける
    Wow… POWER to TEARER
    Wow… POWER to TEARER

    タ・ト・バ・! タトバ!
    ガタ・ガタキリバ! ガタ・ガタキリバ!
    ラ・トラー・ター・! ラー・トラー・ター!
    サ・ゴー・ゾ! サ・ゴー・ゾ!
    シャ・シャ・シャウタ シャ・シャ・シャウタ

  2. Song : Towaie
    Artist: Megumi Hayashibara [as Kyoyama Anna]
    Album/single: Shaman King S.F.O.V. 5 (Shaman Fight of Vocal 5)
    Name: Chishiki
    Link to romaji lyrics:
    (Sorry I can’t find the kanji lyrics (^//^))

    And also, I’ve seen it requested already but I also want to request for it =p

    Nana Mizuki’s Nocturne. (most likely you have the details of the song already.) (^v^) Thanks.

  3. song request: Chronicle of sky
    artist: Nana Mizuki
    Album: Great Activity
    途切れた時間 沈黙に埋もれそうな光
    ほんの僅かな その存在 凍えるエレジー

    それは無邪気な顔で 夢を語った
    眩しすぎたあのテンダネス 目を閉じれば浮かぶ
    どうしようもないほど 強い気持ちが

    The treasure in a dream 未来は誰も止められない
    ゆずれないその気持ち 両手に集めて
    いくつもの日々を乗り越え そこにある自分が
    The tears of girls turn into courage.
    Its being very necessary to live.

    乗り遅れたバス 弱虫でざわめくノイズが

    風に舞うようなファラウェイ 挫けそうなプライド
    堕ちた花もいつかは 実を宿すように

    The treasure ln a dream 遙かなあの場所を目指そう
    The tears of girls turn into courage.
    Its being very necessary to live.

    それは嘘で守った闇の領域 そんな記憶さえ大切な要素で

    The treasure in a dream 未来は誰も止められない
    ゆずれないその気持ち 両手に集めて
    いくつもの日々を乗り越え そこにある自分が
    The tears of girls turn into courage.
    Its being very necessary to live.

    1. oh don’t worry about it- I’ll find it somehow. It’s nice to have someone else request a Jam song- before this it’s always the same person haha!

  4. Yay!! Requests are open again!! \(>v<)/
    Prepare yourself!! I have Shaman King requests again :p

    These first two songs have been translated already.. but I want to see another version of it's translation~ hehe~

    Song Request: Ryuuro
    Artist: Tao Ren (c.v Paku Romi)
    Album/single: Shaman King Vocal on Parade
    Link to kanji lyrics:

    Song Request: Hana Hoshi Sora
    Artist: Tamamura Tamao (c.v Mizuki Nana)
    Album/single: Shaman King Vocal on Parade
    Link to kanji lyrics:

    These ones so far I haven't seen any translations for them.

    Song Request: In You
    Artist: Iron Maiden Jeanne (c.v. Horie Yui)
    Album/single: Shaman King Osorezan Revoir – Prologue to Shaman
    Link to kanji lyrics:

    Song Request: Companion
    Artist: Diethel Lyserg (c.v. Soumi Yoko)
    Album/single: Shaman King: S.F.O.V Verweile Doch! / Companion
    Link to kanji lyrics: (can't find the kanji lyrics)

    haha~ Shaman King Flood!!! GAMBATTE!! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    1. ahahahahhaa!! ok! (i think i’ll learn about the characters so much I can know them even though I’ve never watched the show before!!)

      …wait. NANA?? O_O

      1. (>v3<)

        ahem.. well.. anyway.. yea Mizuki Nana indeed voiced there she was Tamamura Tamao and she also voiced Kororo the primary spirit of Horo Horo 🙂

      2. oohh….. and Horo Horo is…. *not referring to the translation made of his song* the one from the Ainu tribe?

      3. hehe~ you can now tag me as the Shaman King Otaku Song Requester :p
        Well.. Shaman King is my favorite anime!! IT’S THE BEST!!! I LOVE IT!!!
        I’d highly recommend!! But sadly there are some people saying the anime’s terrible (T^T)
        For me it’s the best!!

        ahem.. well.. anyway.. yea Mizuki Nana indeed voiced there she was Tamamura Tamao and she also voiced Kororo the primary spirit of Horo Horo

      4. haha!! unfortunately I don’t tag requesters lol!! too many anon requests…. but in my mind I have general tags for requesters haha!

    2. Eh?! Why are my comments getting posted several times!! (@_@)
      What’s happening?!! I think they should get deleted.

      ehem… Yea! Horo Horo is indeed the one from the ainu tribe! He’s the guy with blue spikey hair with ice power!! 🙂

      1. Yeah, Back then Yuji Ueda (Horo Horo’s voice) has voiced several popular characters like Sagara Sanosuke (Rurouni Kenshin),and Keitaro Urashima (Love Hina). He also voiced the japanese version of Brock “Takeshi” in Pokemon.

      2. haha~ well you can just base it when you hear his voice you can tell he’s good :p

        That’s one thing really great about Shaman King anime, the main characters were voiced by popular and prolific seiyuus like Anna (Hayashibara Megumi), Tao Ren (Paku Romi), Hao (Takayama Minami), Faust (Koyasu Takehito).
        And also, Iron Maiden Jeanne (Horie Yui) and Tamamura Tamao (Mizuki Nana), who were new seiyuus back then surprisingly are prolific seiyuus now. 😀
        So the anime’s voice power was great! >v<

      3. Yea.. uwa~ haha! I think that’s one thing really cool about it..
        and here’s another fact! all of their drama cds and games were voiced by the ones who voiced the anime.
        Well.. I said that coz’ usually the drama cds and games get voiced by other seiyuus :p

  5. hehe~ I bet when I post song requests, that’s what’s running in your mind :p (referring to the request tags comment) :p

    1. i translated his character song… the one where I spent ages on the internet looking up what “kurimuse” could be…

    1. of course ^^ but you do realize that your request came in at a time when requests are closed, which means you’ll likely have to wait a long time coz I’m not very free now and I have a lot of others to clear too… sorry ><

      1. Yah I saw that but I still thought I should try and ask because I saw some people who had asked recently. I’m not in a big hurry to have it translated really. I don’t mind waiting.

  6. Hello there, I know that the requests are closed but perhaps when you have free time and are done with the earlier requests you can by chance translate the song “The Finale of the Finale” by Rider Chips and “Missing Piece” by Kamen Rider Girls.

  7. Song request: Toki no Hana
    Artiste: Kamen Rider Girls
    Album/single: Exploded
    Name (for anonymous posters): Marcos
    Kanji lyrics:
    季節は巡りて幾とせ この場所が
    懐かしくなるような 予感がしてるんだ

    一度放たれた 矢は
    その弓 離れたら
    もう二度と 戻れないと 知っているだろうか

    散り行く形を嘆いても この世は 無常なりと
    進むべき明日への 道に変わってく

    描いてた理想と 希望が出会うはず

    信じたいものの為に 人は戦うのさ

    帰り道を照らす光などないと 横顔見せ
    時の華がひらりひらり 旅人 誘いざなうよ
    彼方に見える世界 彩ってみせる様

    一度放たれた 矢は
    その弓 離れたら
    闇 風 も切り裂いて 遥かな夢射抜け

    散り行く形を嘆いても この世は 無常なりと
    進むべき明日への 道に変わってく
    時華ときばな 舞い落ちる

  8. Song: Shock Shocker Shockest
    Artist: Kamen Rider Girls
    Album: Exploded (Track 8) Release Year: 2014, Shock Shocker Shockest (Track 1) Release Year 2013
    ショッカー! 大鷲の羽根が
    ショッカー! キラリ光る時
    世界が震憾 逃げられないパニック
    ショッカー! They have no mercy and fear
    ショッカー! Cold blood misson operators
    See that black body
    You can’t stop them Never possible
    冷酷 残酷なアーミー
    こっちへ おいでよEverybody
    Come on
    You’re a shocker Heart shaker
    埋もれてた才能 リモデルされたなら
    You’re a shocker Heart shaker
    Shock! Shocker! Shockest!
    ショッカー! 大鷲が告げる
    ショッカー! 侵略始まる
    世界に警告 抵抗はムダだ
    ショッカー! Definitely follow the orders
    ショッカー! They are devil’s chosen soldiers
    When you see that black face
    You will freeze and You’re close to death
    極悪 最悪なアーミー
    思った 君なら Everybody Come on yeah!
    You’re a shocker Heart shaker
    君だけの運命 幕を開ける時に
    You’re a shocker Heart shaker
    Shock! Shocker! Shockest!
    Shock! Shocker! Shockest!
    Shock! Shocker! Shockest!
    You’re a shocker Heart shaker
    埋もれてた才能 リモデルされたなら
    You’re a shocker Heart shaker
    Shock! Shocker! Shockest!

  9. Song request: Over
    Artiste: Aoi Shouta
    Album/single: Kimi to Boku Season 1 insert song episode 10
    Name (for anonymous posters):
    Link to kanji lyrics (the chinese-looking words):

  10. When you have the time, do you think you could translate the 2 songs that were played by Rider Chips: “Rock Vibration” and “Shiny Days”? Thanks

  11. Song: “Let Tomorrow be”
    Artist: Flumpool
    Single: Natsu yo tomenaide ~You’re Romantic~ (2015)
    the song was in the limited edition as a special track and was used as the ending theme for the Indonesian Toku; Satria Garuda Bima-X
    Here is a link of the only full version of the song so far

    Also, here is a link of the translations of it, but still no english translated version of it.

  12. “Ima, ashita no tame ni” by Shuji Honda
    From: Street Fighter 2 V BGM CD


    “Asteroid Blues” by Naomi Masuda


    “Aura Ni Kagayake! Great Five” by Kageyama Hironobu
    From: Hikari Sentai Maskman: Complete Song Collection Soundtrack CD Single


    “Oretachi No Rockabilly Night” by The Checkers
    From: Oretachi no Rockabilly Night (俺たちのロカビリーナイト) (5 July 1985)

  13. Song request: armor zone
    Artist: taro koboyashi
    Album: Kamen rider amazons 2016
    Name: zaomaru
    Link: ???
    Sorry if I did this wrong

  14. Just wondering will you do the translations of Nana’s songs of her new singles ‘Destiny’s Prelude’ and ‘Testament’?

  15. Song request: 未来派Lovers [Futuristic Lovers]
    Artist: 笠原 弘子 [Hiroko Kasahara]
    Album/single: Mobile Police Patlabor Image Soundtrack Album Vol.1 (1988), Patlabor CD Box Deluxe (1992)
    Link to kanji lyrics:

    Much appreciation for your work so far; it’s difficult finding JAM Project translations!

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