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Welcome to Icepath’s collection of translations! This site is dedicated to English translations of Japanese songs.

I periodically take requests, so if you have a song you want translated from Japanese to English, feel free to comment on the relevant page.

Please note that I will only translate songs that have not been translated before, as otherwise you can just find it on Google. If the song has another translation that looks suspiciously like a Google-translate job, I’ll do it too.

Quick-start time!

  • For an up-to-date LIST OF TRANSLATIONS done, go here
  • Before requesting, do check one of these websites to see if your potential request has already been translated
  • And finally, TO REQUEST, go here
  • After that, if you don’t see your translation request in the completed list or the current request list, check this list to see if I’ve already found it elsewhere.
  • For more features visit the widgets at the bottom of the page!


  • I would really appreciate me if you’d drop me a note if you want to use it in subbing a video, or anything at all really- it’s not just so I know I’m not plagiarized, but to tell me that I’m actually making a contribution in doing this. Then again, up till now, everyone’s been real nice by telling me whenever they use it so that’s not the issue…
  • If you’re using it and modifying it, please indicate in a disclaimer that you’ve modified it. There are reasons behind some of the odd choices of words, line breaks and syntax, and I don’t really appreciate it when someone takes my intentions and twists them to make more sense to people. I have a fair level of confidence in my English, so I’m aware of lines sounding weird. Nevertheless I choose to keep them sounding weird because of the way the lines sound and what they mean in Japanese, and by modifying the translations according to how you think it should sound in English twists the real meaning of the Japanese lines, especially the nuances of some of the conjunctions and particles that point to a different meaning than is usually familiar for English-speaking people. It  is also something that my pride is not allowing me to overlook anymore.
  • Hopefully, for those who are reading this after seeing modified translations, you’ll realize that most of the interpreted bits are not inserted into the translation by me, but by the subbers themselves. My policy in translation has always been to bridge the language gap between Japanese and English, but not to make Japanese accessible to the English by interpreting the original lyrics. There’s a difference and you can ask me if you don’t understand this. I have examples. Thank you.

This site was previously a mirror-site of http://icepath.livejournal.com/. As of 14/5/2016, that site has been relieved of its duties as a translation blog, and Ice’s translations live here exclusively from now.

Right then, let’s get along! Yoroshiku~


8 thoughts on “Welcome post

  1. Awesome! I really appreciate your efforts ^^
    I’ve been waiting so long for the Extremeeee Dreams translation, keep up the good job.

  2. I would like to say thank you for what you are doing. I’ve been listening to Japanese music since I was 5. I hope you can keep it up. Not good with words but yeah..

    1. Aww you’re welcome! I’m glad my work has helped you in understanding Japanese music more! Even though I’m not really posting a lot now (too busy) rest assured I won’t abandon this anytime soon =) just… updates are going to be on the slow side….

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